Customer Support

Please write to Volano Software if you have questions or are having problems with the VOLANO chat software. If you are a customer, please include your support log file (found in logs/support.log) with all correspondence.

Administrator Guide

The VOLANO Chat Server Administrator Guide is available in the following versions and formats, and provides information on installing, configuring, and running the VOLANO chat server.

Latest version
VOLANO Chat Server Administrator Guide, Version 2.6:
Older versions
No longer maintained, and may contain broken links:

License Keys

License keys are tied to the IP address and port number you supplied at the time of purchase. If you move the VOLANO chat server to a system with a different IP address, or change its port number, we will need to create for you a new replacement license key.

To request a replacement license key, send your new IP address and port number by e-mail to Volano Software along with your current license key as proof of purchase.

2014-04-02 — The Java 8 Plug-in released on March 18, 2014, blocks the VOLANO chat applets from connecting to the chat server. More…

The VOLANO® chat software for the Java™ platform lets you build on-line communities and add real-time social networking to your Web site. More…

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