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The best way to determine whether the VOLANO chat software meets your needs is by downloading, installing, customizing, and testing it on your own server prior to purchase. If you decide to buy a license, simply replace the file containing the trial license with the purchased license. There is no need to reinstall or reconfigure the software after purchasing a license.


The VOLANO chat server is a Java program that you start and leave running non-stop as a background application on your system. To install, configure, and run the VOLANO chat server, you need to know how to configure and manage a system running a Web server. You also need:

You will be unable to run the VOLANO chat server if you use a free Web hosting service or if you have only FTP access to a shared Web hosting account.


Click the appropriate link below to download your evaluation copy of the VOLANO chat server:

For Microsoft Windows operating systems.
For all other operating systems, such as GNU/Linux, Apple Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, and FreeBSD.
To verify the downloaded files (using md5sum, for example).


Refer to the Installation Chapter of the Administrator Guide for information on installing and configuring the VOLANO chat server and applets, as well as important information on configuring your operating system and Java virtual machine environment for running the chat server.

Trial License

Use the following link to generate a trial license key that allows you to run the VOLANO Chat Server for evaluation purposes. Replace the file conf/key.txt with the file you generated, and restart the VOLANO chat server to activate the new key. You will need the IP address of the machine where you will be running the chat server to generate the trial license key.

VOLANO Chat Server Trial License

2014-07-11 — An updated version of the VOLANO chat server that supports the latest Java 8 Plug-in is now available. More…

The VOLANO® chat software for the Java™ platform lets you build on-line communities and add real-time social networking to your Web site. More…

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