VOLANO Chat Software

Update with Signed Applets

An update to the VOLANO chat software is available for download as a full version 2.12 package and as an upgrade to version 2.11. This update includes signed applets compatible with the latest security changes in the Java 7 Plug-in. See the Version 2.12 page for details. See below for a sample Java applet security notice.

Sample Version 2.12 Security Notice

[Java 7 Applet Security Notice]

Your Web Chat Solution

The VOLANO® chat software for the Java™ platform is used by Web sites around the world for community building, distance learning, live events, romance and dating, on-line business meetings, support groups, on-line sales, help desks, chat room hosting, and more. The pure Java VOLANO chat server and its Java applet clients have kept the world chatting on the Internet since 1996.

[VOLANO applet chat room windows]

VOLANO Chat Server

At just $499 for a new license, or $249 for a version upgrade, the VOLANO Chat Server offers the quickest way to get an unlimited number of people chatting at your Web site. Download a free trial today!

2014-04-02 — The Java 8 Plug-in released on March 18, 2014, blocks the VOLANO chat applets from connecting to the chat server. More…

The VOLANO® chat software for the Java™ platform lets you build on-line communities and add real-time social networking to your Web site. More…

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