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Trial License

Submit the form below to confirm that you agree to the Software License Agreement and to generate a 10-day trial license key for the VOLANO chat server, limited to a maximum of five users connecting to the server at the same time. Save the resulting plain text page as the file key.txt in the VOLANO chat server conf sub-directory.

Trial License Request

(, see note below)

(1 to 65535, default of 8000)

View as Web Page (HTML), US Letter (PDF), A4 Paper (PDF), E-book (PDF), or E-text (UTF-8).

Note: Before submitting this form, start the VOLANO chat server on the system where you plan to run it. You'll see a message like the following:

Unable to start server: java.io.IOException: no license for

In this example, you would submit the Trial License Request with for the IP Address and 8000 for the Port Number to generate the correct license key file.

2014-07-11 — An updated version of the VOLANO chat server that supports the latest Java 8 Plug-in is now available. More…

The VOLANO® chat software for the Java™ platform lets you build on-line communities and add real-time social networking to your Web site. More…

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