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Wrong Applet Version


You cannot connect to the VolanoChat server because there is a new version of the VolanoChat applet available from the Web site where you tried to chat, but your Web browser is still using the old version of the applet. The default settings of most Web browsers will pick up the new version automatically, but sometimes proxy servers or incorrect system clocks can cause problems.


Try entering through the VolanoChat applet below:

If that didn't work ...

If entering through the applet on this page didn't work, you can try each of the following suggestions to fix the problem yourself.

  1. Close all your Web browser windows, restart your browser, and return to this Web site. That will usually cause your Web browser to fetch the latest version of the Java applet from the Web site if it fails to do so normally.

  2. If restarting your browser didn't work, do a forced reload of the previous page with your Web browser. In Internet Explorer, go back to the previous page and hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the F5 key (the Ctrl-F5 keyboard shortcut). In Netscape or Mozilla, you can do the same thing by holding down the Shift key while pressing the Reload button. That should force your Web browser to pick up the new version of the applet from the Web site.

  3. If doing a forced reload didn't work, delete your Web browser's temporary Internet files, thereby removing the old version of the applet and forcing your browser to load the new version.

    In Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu at the top of the window and select Internet Options. Under the Temporary Internet files section of the General tab, click the button labeled Delete Files. Select the check box "Delete all offline content" and then click the OK button. While you're there, press the Settings button under Temporary Internet files and make sure that "Automatically" is selected for the heading "Check for newer versions of stored pages."

    In Netscape or Mozilla, click the Edit menu at the top of the window and select Preferences. Click the arrow next to the Advanced section to open it and then select Cache. Press the Clear Cache button. While you're there, make sure that you have selected "When the page is out of date" for the heading "Compare the page in the cache to the page on the network."

    If you're using the Sun Java Plug-in, open the Java Plug-in Control Panel, select the Cache tab, and press the Clear button. Press the Yes button in the confirmation dialog box to erase the cached files.

If even that didn't work, you might be trying to do one of the following (which won't work no matter what you do):

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