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5.0 VolanoChat Server

Administering your chat server requires modifying a few simple text files. See the following sections for information on the function of each text file or server option.

5.1 Architecture
describes the overall component architecture of the VolanoChat server.
5.2 Server Properties
lists the VolanoChat server properties and their default values.
5.3 Access Control
describes the VolanoChat server access control file which defines who can connect to the server and through which Web pages.
5.4 Log Files
shows the information recorded in the access log file, error log file, and support log file, and how to modify their formats.
5.5 Permanent Rooms
tells you how to define rooms that are permanently available in your VolanoChat server.
5.6 Status Reports
explains how to obtain real time status reports from the VolanoChat server.
5.7 Member Database Support
shows you how to define the scripts required to integrate the VolanoChatPro server with your member database.
5.8 Logging Chat Messages
shows you how to transcribe the chat conversations in public and private chat rooms.
5.9 Listening for Events
shows you how to write CGI scripts or Java servlets which are notified of events in the VolanoChat server.

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