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10.6 Multiple Windows NT Service Installs

To install and run multiple VolanoChat servers as Windows NT or Windows 2000 Services, perform the following steps for each instance of a VolanoChat server.

Step 1. Install an additional VolanoChat server

Install another copy of the VolanoChat server into a new directory, such as vchat2.6.1-2, for example.

Step 2. Edit service.bat

Use a text editor to edit the service.bat file. You'll need to give each additional instance of the VolanoChat server its own service name, such as VolanoChat2. To do this, you'll need to change 2 lines in the service.bat file:

JavaService.exe -install VolanoChat %JVM_DLL% [...]

You will need to edit this line so the service will install with your new service name. You can change 'VolanoChat' to something else like this:

JavaService.exe -install VolanoChat2 %JVM_DLL% [...]

You will also need to edit the corresponding removal line. So this:

JavaService.exe -uninstall VolanoChat

Becomes this:

JavaService.exe -uninstall VolanoChat2

Once you have done this, your new service.bat file will install and remove the additional service instance of VolanoChat. You might want to change the name of your service.bat file to something such as service2.bat so you will know the service to which it corresponds.

Step 3. Modify VolanoChat properties

To run an additional copy of VolanoChat on the same machine, you'll need to edit the following properties so they don't conflict with the first copy.

english.txt (or other client applet properties file)
Modify the properties so that this instance of the VolanoChat server starts on different port numbers than the original. To run non-trial versions, you will need to purchase a license key for each additional server.

Step 4. Start the service

You may then install, start, stop, and uninstall the new VolanoChat2 service with the commands:

service2 install
net start VolanoChat2
net stop VolanoChat2
service2 remove

You may also start and stop the VolanoChat2 service from the Services administrative tool.

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