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7.3.1 MyVolanoChat Parameters

The MyVolanoChat applet allows VolanoChatPro customers to offer personal chat rooms to their Web hosting customers or affiliate sites. The MyVolanoChat applet entrance looks like this:

MyVolanoChat applet entrance

Figure 1: MyVolanoChat applet entrance.

The applet tag that embeds the applet shown above is:

<applet codebase="vcclient"
        width="500" height="100">
<param name="cabbase" value="COM/volano/">
<param name="color"   value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="group"   value="John's Personal Chat Room">
<param name="text"    value="english.txt">

The MyVolanoChat applet takes the visitor directly into a personal chat room unique to its Web page and not present by default in the list of public chat rooms available in the VolanoChat server:

MyVolanoChat applet chat room

Figure 2: MyVolanoChat applet chat room.

The MyVolanoChat applet has two additional parameters not available with the VolanoChat applet:

indicates whether to make this room appear in the list of publicly available chat rooms that are displayed in the normal VolanoChat applet. Specify a value of true to make the personal room public. Otherwise, specify false. The default value is false.
indicates whether to prompt for the name and profile when the name is already defined as an applet parameter. The prompts will always appear when the user name is not defined as an applet parameter. Specify a value of true to prompt for the information. Otherwise, specify false. The default value is false.

To make the personal room appear in the list of public chat rooms, simply add the parameter:

<param name="public" value="true">

The prompts for the name and profile are hidden when you pre-define the username parameter with:

<param name="username" value="name">

where name is the actual user's name. To keep the prompt but still pre-define the user name, just add:

<param name="prompt"   value="true">
<param name="username" value="name">

All of the applet parameters available for the VolanoChat applet may also be specified for the MyVolanoChat applet except for the monitor, admin, member, and password parameters. The applet parameters are described in the [7.1.1] Parameters section of the VolanoChat Applet chapter.

In addition, if the applet property override.myvolanochat is true, any of the applet properties may be overridden on the Web page by specifying the property as a parameter of the applet. See the next section, [7.3.2] Overriding Default Properties for more information.

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