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7.3.2 Overriding Default Properties

The MyVolanoChat applet provided with VolanoChatPro can read its properties directly from the applet tag on its Web page. Each of the applet properties described in the [7.1.2] Properties section of the VolanoChat Applet chapter can be defined as a parameter on the Web page of the MyVolanoChat applet, as long as the property override.myvolanochat is set to true in the applet property file defined by the text parameter. This feature makes it easy for Web hosting companies to offer personalized chat rooms to their customers without requiring property files to be posted to the server machine.

For example, the following Figure demonstrates overriding the applet properties for the background color, text color, and text font directly in the applet tag:

MyVolanoChat applet with overridden properties.

Figure 1: MyVolanoChat applet chat room with overridden properties.

The applet tag and parameters used on the Web page to display the MyVolanoChat applet chat room above are:

<applet codebase="vcclient"
        width="500" height="100">
<param name="cabbase" value="COM/volano/">
<param name="color"   value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="group"   value="John's Personal Chat Room">
<param name="text"    value="english.txt">
<param name="color.background" value="#C000FF">
<param name="color.foreground" value="#000040">
<param name="font.default"     value="Helvetica-13">

The last three parameters are normally properties found in the english.txt applet properties file, but their values can be overridden on the Web page by defining them as parameters of the MyVolanoChat applet. The [7.1.2] Properties section of the VolanoChat Applet chapter describes all of the applet properties which can be overridden as MyVolanoChat applet parameters.

To customize the Java applet embedded in the banner space of the chat room, the properties for the embedded applet can be defined with the prefix banner.param. For example, you can define the background parameter of the embedded BannerPlayer applet with the following MyVolanoChat applet parameter:

<param name="banner.param.background" value="#FFFFFF">

For more information, see:

  [7.4] Banner Player Applet

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