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10.4 Licensing

Licensing Modes

The VolanoChat program is licensed in two modes. You can switch between modes simply by purchasing an upgrade to your license key.

The first mode, VolanoChat Unlimited, allows you to connect as many users to your chat server as your hardware can support. This mode includes all the basic functionality of chat.

By upgrading to a VolanoChatPro license, the additional 5 functions are added: [8.6] moderated events, [5.8] chat transcription, [5.7] membership database support, [7.3] Personal Chat Rooms (MyVolanoChat), and [5.9] server side event reporting. VolanoChatPro is sold by the number of simultaneous connections it will allow, starting with a 50 user license. We sell licenses of any size, but require you to run our benchmark program first on licenses above 4000 connections, to be sure that your machine supports it.

Obtaining a License

You should follow the instructions on our installation page first. When you've properly installed and configured VolanoChat, it will generate a file called support.log, which is needed when you make a purchase from our on-line store or fax in your order.

Problems with License

Any license key problems should be directed to

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