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7.1.4 Default Interface

The default interface of the VolanoChat applet is simply a button on the Web page, such as in the picture below:

VolanoChat default applet entrance

Figure 1: VolanoChat default interface.

An example of the applet tags to embed the applet shown above is:

<applet codebase="vcclient"
        width="500" height="60">
<param name="cabbase" value="COM/volano/">
<param name="color"   value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="group"   value="Welcome to Volano!">
<param name="text"    value="english.txt">

After the button is pushed, the main chat window is presented to the user, who can filter for rooms, type their name and profile, and select a room to enter:

VolanoChat main window

Figure 2: VolanoChat main window.

A sample room that the user might enter:

VolanoChat room

Figure 3: VolanoChat chat room.

See also:

  [8.5] Themes

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