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8.0 VolanoChat Features

This chapter is divided into the following sections:

8.1 Translating VolanoChat
how to translate the applet text into any language including non-Western character sets
8.2 Flood Control
the full set of features to prevent flooding and abuse of your chat server
8.3 Advertising Control
information on preventing and redirecting advertisements in the chat rooms
8.4 DNS Blacklisting
banning control can use DNS lookups to selectively control banning of a user or entire netblock based on internet access type
8.5 Themes
add a splash of fun and color to the chat rooms by providing a user selectable list of color themes
8.6 VolanoChat Auditorium or Moderated Event (VolanoChatPro)
host a live chat event in a daytime talk show format

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