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7.1.6 Administrator Interface

The administrator interface of the VolanoChat applet is created by setting the admin parameter to true. The administrator entrance looks like this:

VolanoChat administrator entrance

Figure 1: VolanoChat administrator interface.

The applet tag that embeds the applet shown above is:

<applet codebase="vcclient"
        width="500" height="60">
<param name="cabbase" value="COM/volano/">
<param name="admin"   value="true">
<param name="color"   value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="group"   value="Welcome to Volano!">
<param name="text"    value="monitor.txt">

The administrator password is defined by the admin.password VolanoChat server property. The administrator interface prompts for the administrator password directly on the Web page. This interface operates just like the monitor interface but adds the additional capability of sending broadcast messages into all public and personal chat rooms. The Broadcast field looks like this:

VolanoChat administrator broadcast message interface

Figure 2: VolanoChat administrator broadcast message interface.

To send a broadcast message, enter your message in the text field labeled Broadcast on the main chat window. When you press the Enter key, the message will be sent to all public and personal chat rooms running on the server. The message is not sent to private chat rooms.

See also:

  [7.1.5] Monitor Interface

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